The case against the Norwich Western Link
in detail

This map shows the extent of land the NWL will take up. The road itself will vary from 80 metres wide to 150 metres wide, where embankments or cuttings are needed.
On top of this, the area needed during construction plus a proposed gas line 250 metres away from the road, mean that a strip 1km wide will be disturbed along some parts of the route. Access routes will also be needed.

Norwich Western Link, context in local plan and on-going Council, DfT and planning processes

Ringland Woods owner, Dr Iain Robinson, on ecology and the devastating impacts of the NWL

Planning, Habitats Regulations and legal issues

Complaint to NCC Leader re decade long failure to deliver on climate change promises (DOC)

Open Letter of complaint re evidence of bat super colony
to the Greater Norwich Local Plan consultation (PDF)