A campaign group set up to stop the Norwich Western Link Road. 

The above drone footage follows the path of the road, showing from above, the woodlands that will be destroyed should the project go ahead.


Norfolk Wildlife Trust has come out strongly against the road, bolstering our claims that the NWL cannot be built in a way that will not cause massive damage to wildlife and risk the delicate balance of the River Wensum (a rare chalk stream with highly protected SAC status). The Trust has several sites in the area including sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs). We are delighted to have the Trust help put pressure on Norfolk County Council to do the right thing, and to raise awareness of the destructiveness of this project.

See what they had to say.

Email / Direct message your friends:

Although technically our social media storm has finished, constant pressure is what we need to win this thing. Please get involved.

Dear Friend and colleague,


I am asking you to do one or more of the 3 options below to help us reach a wide spread of people.  Options 2 or 3 are good if you live outside Norfolk.  


1. Write to your Norfolk County Councillor, your MP and the Government roads minister (this can be done as 1 email with the three addressees).  Simple instructions for this action, with email address, together with a template possible arguments to make and put in your own words are here:   https://www.dropbox.com/s/ncn2s4gsk2swnuu/StopWensumLink_SM_Storm_1A.docx?dl=0 


2. Thank 1 or more  Norfolk County Councillors who have already come out against the road.  Details for this action are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pxAs1cfZ1HoBto4zR41G7VbIhk77eSNR9gTe9lV39rQ/edit?usp=sharing 


3. Write to 1 or more people who we are encouraging to come out more strongly against the road.   Details for this action are here:



If you do social media, please join the storm too:

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Instagram: @stopthewensumlink

The Norwich Western Link Road:
White Grass

Help fund an independent study to gather evidence for protection of rare bats and their woodland habitats from the Norwich Western Link road.

A nationally important population of rare bats is under threat of illegal destruction by the proposed Norwich Western Link dual carriageway. We need an independent, rigorous and transparent scientific study to gain a proper understanding of these extraordinary bats and the woodlands they depend on for shelter, raising their young and feeding. Robust evidence will enable us to demand that their protection is upheld, as required by law.


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