A campaign group set up to stop the Norwich Western Link Road. 

The above drone footage follows the path of the road, showing from above, the woodlands that will be destroyed should the project go ahead.


They will be discussing their application to the Department for Transport to get funding for the Western Link Road.

DfT have said their funding is 'subject to the environmental impacts of the scheme being assessed and mitigated'.

There is cause to believe there is compelling evidence that Barbastelle bats are roosting along the proposed route.

Bat species and their roosts are legally protected, by both domestic and international legislation. Meaning it is illegal to damage or destroy a place used by bats for breeding or resting (even if bats are not occupying the roost at the time)

under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Meaning if the council decide to continue with this project, they will be intending the break the law. We fear, this will not come as a surprise to many of you.

We suggest you email your local county councillor immediately regarding this issue, to let them know we will not allow them to act above the law.

Don't forget to 'cc' in the following:




Only when we look at satelite photos like these above, do we see how little natural woodland we have left in the UK.

We regret hearing that the Norfolk Liberal Democrats have pledged support for the Norwich Western Link for their County Council 2021 election manifesto: disappointing when the time is ripe for a review and so much has changed since the inception of the project.


The coronavirus pandemic has permanently changed work travel patterns.


This summer saw the discovery of a world-class colony of very rare barbastelle bats on the proposed route. This is of far greater extent than the Council knew of when they decided on route C sixteen months ago. The impact of the road and its construction cannot be mitigated without breaking wildlife laws.


Opposition has increased in countryside and wildlife groups around Norfolk. The Countryside Charity (CPRE), Norfolk Wildlife Trust and Norfolk Rivers Trust have all formally opposed the route.


Yet, with small-minded myopia, the Liberal Democrats have ruled out pausing to review. Instead, they join the small Norfolk clique, including the Conservative party administrations of the local councils, keen for decades to build    this     road     irrespective of

financial and  environmental cost. 


The road serves narrow business interests, and not the interests of Norfolk as a whole. It will trash the environment and create huge debt for future generations. It is a disaster waiting to happen.


The Liberal Democrats have rather bizarrely forfeited the opportunity to present as a credible and progressive opposition party. They have squandered the environmental credentials which the party boasts at a national level and it is inevitable that local support will be lost.


There is a huge debt for Norfolk associated with the road as COVID plunges the Council deeper into debt. And there is wide public support for action in response to climate and ecological emergency.


For all the above reasons, a PAUSE of the Wensum link project and a REVIEW of transport in the Norwich Western quadrant would be to the benefit of all.


Sadly the Liberal Democrats have forfeited the chance to be an effective and credible participant in this.


in the Wensum Valley


On Saturday 17 October we invited painters and other artists to create pieces along the proposed route for the Western Link Road. It drizzled early in in the day, but the weather quickly cleared up - and we couldn't be happier with the results! We hope to do some more events like this.

in the Wensum Valley


On Saturday 3 October we went for a socially distanced walk along the route of the proposed Western Link road. It rained so much before the walk, but as we started the weather cleared up! Here are a few of the photos we took. We should be holding a Walk in the Wensum Valley on the first Saturday of every month at 2pm from St Peter's Church.

Email / Direct message your friends:

Dear Friend and colleague,


I am asking you to do one or more of the 3 options below to help us reach a wide spread of people.  Options 2 or 3 are good if you live outside Norfolk.  


1. Write to your Norfolk County Councillor, your MP and the Government roads minister (this can be done as 1 email with the three addressees).  Simple instructions for this action, with email address, together with a template possible arguments to make and put in your own words are here:   https://www.dropbox.com/s/ncn2s4gsk2swnuu/StopWensumLink_SM_Storm_1A.docx?dl=0 


2. Thank 1 or more  Norfolk County Councillors who have already come out against the road.  Details for this action are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pxAs1cfZ1HoBto4zR41G7VbIhk77eSNR9gTe9lV39rQ/edit?usp=sharing 


3. Write to 1 or more people who we are encouraging to come out more strongly against the road.   Details for this action are here:



If you do social media, please join the storm too:

Twitter: @stopwensumlink

Facebook: /StopWensumLink

Instagram: @stopthewensumlink

Although technically our social media storm has finished, constant pressure is what we need to win this thing. Please get involved.


The above organisations have come out publicly against the link road.

Click on the logos above to read more about their concerns.

The Norwich Western Link Road:

Help fund an independent study to gather evidence for protection of rare bats and their woodland habitats from the Norwich Western Link road.

A nationally important population of rare bats is under threat of illegal destruction by the proposed Norwich Western Link dual carriageway. We need an independent, rigorous and transparent scientific study to gain a proper understanding of these extraordinary bats and the woodlands they depend on for shelter, raising their young and feeding. Robust evidence will enable us to demand that their protection is upheld, as required by law.


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