A campaign group set up to stop the Norwich Western Link Road. 

The above drone footage follows the path of the road, showing from above, the woodlands that will be destroyed should the project go ahead.


Norfolk County Council's contractors are endangering rare baby bats again!

They are planning to start tagging and surveying in the woods in the Wensum Valley, Barbastelle bat pups are too young to have their mums away for any length of time for another couple of weeks.

WSP in the UK and Davidson-Watts Ecology Ltd what are you thinking? Your ecologists are supposed to care for and stand up for wildlife. What about the precautionary principle?

Why can't you wait until 15th August when pups would be safe and landowners will happily give you access?

Natural England please put dates on the licence conditions because these contractor's don't seem to have wildlife's best interest at heart. Your licences should be safeguarding rare species.

24th July 2020

The Norwich Western Link Road:

By law, the council is required to regularly carry

out public consultations. As such, it is designed to look as boring and inaccessible as possible.

Running from July 27 - September 20 the council is asking how it can 'best support people to walk, cycle and use public transport in the area to the west of Norwich'.

We emplore you to use some of the information on this site to show the council that Norfolk residents will stop at nothing to protect our natural environment.


Help fund an independent study to gather evidence for protection of rare bats and their woodland habitats from the Norwich Western Link road.

A nationally important population of rare bats is under threat of illegal destruction by the proposed Norwich Western Link dual carriageway. We need an independent, rigorous and transparent scientific study to gain a proper understanding of these extraordinary bats and the woodlands they depend on for shelter, raising their young and feeding. Robust evidence will enable us to demand that their protection is upheld, as required by law.


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