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Norfolk County Council wants to build a 3.9 mile "Norwich Western Link" across the ecologically rich Wensum Valley at a cost of at least £274m.

We are ecologists, businesses, doctors, scientists, wildlife-lovers, parents and artists who want to save the Wensum Valley.

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Norfolk County Council has applied for planning permission
Natural England have said they're likely to refuse a licence for construction
Norfolk taxpayers would still have to cough up at least £60m


Together we can Stop the Wensum Link!

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Why the Norwich Western Link is the wrong solution

  • Cost
    Central Government has only promised £213m so Norfolk Taxpayers are on the hook for at least £60m while the county's essential services are being cut to plug a budget deficit of £60m.

  • Traffic
    It won't solve traffic problems in the long term. Norfolk County Council predict that traffic on Sandy Lane (Taverham), West End (Costessey) and Longwater Lane will increase compared with 2019.
    or will it reduce ambulance response times - hospital handover waits are the problem.

  • Carbon Emissions
    Building new roads increases CO2 emissions. Huge amounts of carbon are used in construction and more roads = more traffic. We can't build new roads in a climate emergency.  

  • Ecology
    The Wensum Valley is a rich patchwork of habitats including ancient woodland and a rare chalk stream. It is home to more than 60 protected species. There is no way to build a new road across the Valley without destroying it's unique ecology.

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beryl the bike-share provider in Norwich is pleased to support our surveyors carry out their crucial work by providing access to their bikes and eBikes.

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