A campaign group set up to stop the Norwich Western Link Road. 

The above drone footage follows the path of the road, showing from above, the woodlands that will be destroyed should the project go ahead.


Only when we look at satellite photos like these above, do we see how little natural woodland we have left in the UK.

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The Wensum river is a chalk stream. This is an extremely rare habitat, and we are lucky to have most of the few examples globally here in the East of England.

Jonah Tosney of The Norfolk Rivers Trust will show us the important of this precious ecosystem and the rare species that live there. 

To register: bit.ly/ChalkWeb


On Saturday 17 October we invited painters and other artists to create pieces along the proposed route for the Western Link Road. It drizzled early in in the day, but the weather quickly cleared up - and we couldn't be happier with the results! We hope to do some more events like this.

in the Wensum Valley

in the Wensum Valley


On Saturday 3 October we went for a socially distanced walk along the route of the proposed Western Link road. It rained so much before the walk, but as we started the weather cleared up! Here are a few of the photos we took. We should be holding a Walk in the Wensum Valley on the first Saturday of every month at 2pm from St Peter's Church.


The above organisations have come out publicly against the link road.

Click on the logos above to read more about their concerns.

The Norwich Western Link Road:

On March 8th Norfolk County Council will be making a key decision on the progression of the Norwich Western Link Road.

They will be deciding whether to go ahead with applying for central government funding (presenting the Outline Business Case to the Department of Transport).

This funding is only to be given if certain environmental standards have been met, and Norfolk County Council have not yet finished their surveys, so cannot demonstrate this! 

The 'business case' for the road is also based on inadequate and pre-COVID transport data. The Council is now under massive financial strain and they would be liable for any project cost overruns.


Before March 8th!

Write to your Norfolk County Councillor, your MP and the Government roads minister

(this can be done as 1 email with the three addressees).  Simple instructions for this action, with email address, together with a template possible arguments to make and put in your own words are here


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