A campaign group set up to stop the Norwich Western Link Road. 

Our aim is to raise public awareness of Norfolk County Council's proposed plan and its damaging consequences, and build opposition against it.

Although in today's climate emergency, it seems unbelievable that we have to campaign to prevent the cutting down of ancient woodlands. But since Norfolk County has confirmed the construction of a dual-carriage way connect the Northern Distributor Road to the A47 over the Wensum Valley, we will be holding them accountable.

​The Norwich Western Link Road:

  • ACCELERATES global over-heating and the Climate Emergency


  • COSTS between £40m and £90m per mile due to an expensive, high elevated viaduct


  • DESECRATES a Special Area of Conservation (SAC)


  • DESTROYS wildlife homes and networks: woodland including ancient oaks, extensive Barbastelle bat habitats, and the complex and protected ecology of the chalk river


  • DIVERTS FUNDS from sustainable transport


  • RAMPS UP vehicle use


  • SUBVERTS due process: funding must be ruled out when ecological surveys are undeveloped and need years more work. 


Help fund an independent study to gather evidence for protection of rare bats and their woodland habitats from the Norwich Western Link road.

A nationally important population of rare bats is under threat of illegal destruction by the proposed Norwich Western Link dual carriageway. We need an independent, rigorous and transparent scientific study to gain a proper understanding of these extraordinary bats and the woodlands they depend on for shelter, raising their young and feeding. Robust evidence will enable us to demand that their protection is upheld, as required by law.


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