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Why The Wensum Valley is important

Watercolour of Oak leaves

Woods and Veteran Trees

"There are Grade II listed properties that are younger than these trees and yet better protected. Now, after more than four centuries, my oaks – and many others like them – are soon to be felled." - Iain Robinson Read the full article here

Barbastelle Bats

Watercolour of bat in flight

The Wensum Valley is home to a super colony of endangered Barbastelle bats, discovered only in 2020, and the proposed road would plow right through the centre of their habitat.  If the road is built, colonies of this IUCN red-listed species will be lost.  This is against the law.

You can read the open letter in which barbastelle expert Dr Lotty Packman presents independent research, funded by the public, showing how vitally important the woodlands in the Wensum Valley are to these extraordinary bats for shelter, raising their young and feeding.. A video presentation of Wild Wings Ecology's findings is available to view here

The River Wensum: A rare and precious chalk stream

Watercolour of white clawed crayfish

The Wensum river is a chalk stream - some of the planet’s rarest habitats and 85% of them are found in England. Of the 260 true chalk streams on Earth, 224 of them run through the English countryside, We are lucky to have most of the few examples globally here in the East of England.

In January 2022, Norwich City Council voted to look into giving The Wensum the Freedom of The City (article)

This presentation by Jonah Tosney of The Norfolk Rivers Trust shows us the importance of this precious ecosystem and the rare species that live there.  A video is below

Witness the Wensum January 2022

Over 300 people came to mark the route of the proposed Norwich Western Link and saw the distruction it would cause.

Photos and artwork showing how much the Wensum Valley matters to local people

We'd love to hear what makes Wensum Valley special to you.

Please get in touch to share your thoughts, photos or artwork. With your permission, we'll add them here

Stunning work from our 
Paint Out Session and Make Your Mark Workshop

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