The Norwich Western Link will NOT:
  • Cure all our traffic problems ’at a stroke’
    Norfolk County Council predict that traffic on Sandy Lane (Taverham), West End (Costessey) and Longwater Lane will increase compared with 2019. Time and again when new roads have been built, traffic has increased in that area. CPRE have published a detailed investigation which proves this.
    The Norwich Western Link will provide no relief at all for traffic at Longwater or Queen’s Hills. In fact, the traffic using the link will contribute to congestion at pinch-points on the A1270 Broadland Northway (the ‘NDR’) – including the Horsford, Airport, North Walsham and Wroxham junctions.

  • There is also a likelihood that the Western Link will cause rat-running, pollution and congestion on narrow roads south of Honingham: i.e. through Honingham itself, Barnham Broom and other villages as car, van and HGV drivers seek a quicker, shorter route to/from the A11 and Wymondham rather than heading east along the A47 towards Thickthorn or in the other direction towards the Norwich Western Link. 

  • Meet our carbon reduction obligations
    Electric cars are not a cure-all for CO2 emissions. Even the government says we must decrease vehicle dependency in order to have any chance of complying with our own laws. New roads will not help. Loss of mature woodland and biodiversity will also increase pollution rather than helping to reduce it.

  • Give more people better ‘mobility’
    In the main, only people who can drive and own a car can make use of a new road. Good bus services allow EVERYONE to gain mobility, at reasonable cost.

This map shows how much land the Norwich Western Link will cover.

The road itself will be a four lane highway.
Construction will mean that an area twice that width will be extensively damaged.

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