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Crowdfunder Campaign

Please help us to prevent massive and irreparable damage to landscape, wildlife and habitats by the construction of the Norwich Western Link road by donating whatever you can:


If NCC are successful in building this road, they will:

  • Build over the River Wensum, which is a designated Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and a Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) 

  • Cut directly through what recent evidence reveals to be the UK’s only Barbastelle Bat super-colony, threatening the complete loss of this European Protected Species

  • Directly impact ancient woodlands, fens and grazing marshes

  • Increase traffic levels and carbon emissions 

  • Add to the cumulative impacts of all the above from other developments and road schemes in the Greater Norwich area.

The ecologists and conservation experts all come to one conclusion. Constructing this road would have a significant and irreversible impact on the integrity of the River Wensum SAC and on the long term Barbastelle Bat population numbers. They also conclude that no level of mitigation would significantly reduce the impact of the Norwich Western Link road.

The legal opinion, therefore, is that planning permission for the proposed road is unlikely to be granted.


We will use the money we raise to get preliminary legal advice, anticipating potentially having to take legal action against the council. 

The money will also be used to obtain ecological consultant's reports, spread the word and get our case into the public eye. 

Please give generously to preserve this jewel of Norfolk!


If we are able to raise more than we use, funds will be ring-fenced to cover any additional unforeseen legal costs, including any potential appeal, our wider costs for this case, and to support other local heritage, environmental  or road campaigns in the courts and planning system.

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