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Blue Can Trail

Upcoming Events

For more details on our future events, please visit our Facebook page. You don't have to sign up or give any details to view.

Past Events

The Great Big March - Saturday 20th January 2024

On a cold Saturday in January, over 300 people joined a march to protest against the planned Norwich Western Link. These were not your usual "tree huggers" but people from a variety of organisations; all deeply concerned about the financially and environmentally catastrophic road scheme. We were also joined by Nick Acheson - author and wildlife ambassador, Clive Lewis MP, Jamie Osborn - Green Councillor, and Kate B who gave impassioned speeches. Here as a video of the day.

Celebration of the rights of River Wensum

On the 30th April 2022, we celebrated the Declaration of the Rights of the River Wensum. This was an amazing afternoon when many people gathered in Wensum Park, Norwich to join us in recognising that our beautiful river is essential to all life and needs protecting.

Munnings: The Wensum Valley, an English Idyll

We were delighted to welcome Dr Bill Teatheredge (Munnings Museum Curator) who gave a talk on Munnings’ time painting in the Norwich area, especially the Ringland Hills, in the first decade of the 20th century.

This is a period when he was determined to be an artist in his own right. Munnings subject matter would be the countryside he knew so well and the folk who lived there. This was his English idyll.

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