Munnings: The Wensum Valley, an English Idyll

Thursday 22 April 7pm-8pm - on zoom

Speaker: Dr Bill Teatheredge (Munnings Museum Curator).

The talk will focus on Munnings’ time painting in the Norwich area, especially the Ringland Hills, in the first decade of the 20th century.

This is a period when he was determined to be an artist in his own right. Munnings subject matter would be the countryside he knew so well and the folk who lived there. This was his English idyll.

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Walk in the Wensum Valley

Saturday 22nd April 2pm. St Peter's Church, RIngland
Guided walk in the Wensum Valley.

In groups of 6 max with strict social distancing. Come and enjoy the sounds of Spring, and maybe take some photos to share with us.

Tracks and Trails

Celebrating Nature in Norwich and the Wensum Valley.

Study, make create, process, walk, celebrate
with  Helen Wells and Liz Brandon Jones

Saturday May 8th 10-3

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Why building roads doesn't work

Monday 10th May 7pm - on zoom

New roads are often heralded as a solution to congestion and a sign of new investment, representing a boost to the economy, yet the reality is often quite the opposite. This talk explores why building new roads doesn't bring the benefits many claim and delves into their rather darker impacts. 

Presentation followed by live Q&A session
Speakers: Lisa Hopkinson from Transport for Quality of Life and Chris Todd from Transport Action Network

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Past Events

Paint Out in the Wensum Valley

On Saturday 17 October we invited painters and other artists to create pieces along the proposed route for the Western Link Road. It drizzled early in in the day, but the weather quickly cleared up - and we couldn't be happier with the results! We hope to do some more events like this.

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