Can we do without the Norwich Western Link Road?
There are better, cheaper alternatives:
  • Improve the B1535
    This is the existing HGV route. Even if the NWL were built, many HGVs would still have to use it - improvements are needed anyway. To straighten, widen (not dual) and build better junctions to the A1067 and A47 would cost than a new dual carriageway.Get some good bus services

  • Get some good bus services
    No bus service crosses the Wensum Valley, yet around 12,000 cars make the two-way journey each day. It would cost very little to try out some services to the main destinations, such as the Airport industrial estates, N & N hospital etc, from Dereham, Fakenham, Wymondham.

    There is no outer-ring service in Norwich. This could link arterial services to anywhere in the outer part of Norwich.  Inner-Ring and Greater-ring services are also needed.  Much quicker than building a new road.

  • Protect the villages
    Cross-valley traffic is a major nuisance for Lyng, Weston Longville, Ringland, Taverham, Costessey. As well as providing attractive bus alternatives, we need to make it difficult for cars to use these routes; we need to look at better signage, number-plate recognition, bus-operated gates, and more.


What the Norwich Western Link will NOT do:
  • Cure all our traffic problems ’at a stroke’
    Norfolk County Council predict that traffic on Sandy Lane (Taverham), West End (Costessey) and Longwater Lane would compared with 2019. Time and again when new roads have been built, traffic has increased in that area. CPRE have published detailed investigation which proved this.

  • Meet our carbon reduction obligations
    Electric cars are not a cure-all for CO2 emissions. Even the government says we must to have any chance of complying with our own laws. New roads will not help.

  • Give more people better ‘mobility’
    In the main, only people who can drive and own a car can make use of a new road. Good bus services allow EVERYONE to gain mobility, at reasonable cost.

What the Norwich Western Link WILL do:
  • Destroy several belts of ancient woodland, home to rare species

  • Threaten the protected habitat of the Wensum Valley with a massive viaduct

  • Sever and/or divert several rights of way

  • Increase noise in the area, due to greater road speeds.

  • Cost over £250M, at a time when the council is looking to save money by reducing social services. Should we really be prioritising roads over people’s health and welfare?